Repair and Maintenance.

Our Staff are fully trained and have immense experience in the PC maintenance and repairs. Equipped with the most up to date diagnostic equipment, our PC maintenance staff  is competent of diagnosing the mass majority of all software and hardware issues.

PC Healthcheck
So you have been using your PC and unexpectedly it seems very slow? This is a common problem that we can help to solve very quickly for you- from time to time PC's can become infected with spyware, adware and virus', all of which can easily be fixed. Power supplies not working, Data Backups anything at all to do with your PC we can look at so give us a call today on 02033024146 and a member of the team will happily run through your options.
Once we diagnose the issue with you PC after a professional inspection, we will also run through a health check. Where we aim to detect and remove issues ranging from common malware, fake antivirus programs, spyware, root kits and Virus’. We also will install the most up to date* available antivirus soft ware to your system complimentary.

Laptop Repairs: Laptop screen broken?  No longer charging?  Power port damaged?  Keyboard missing keys?  Laptop Services and Laptop Repair Specialists - We are specialists in Broken Power Pins, Keyboard repairs, Screen Replacements, Power Adapters and Data Restore - Call us  today for a quick quote.

Our services and prices are as follows:

Inspection* (System Diagnostics):    £19.99
Best PC Health Check:     £24.99 SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL PRICE
Hardware Installation:   


Data Back Up and Recovery:    £39.99
Reinstall Operating System:    £49.99 SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL PRICE
Data Back up and Reinstallation of OS:    £74.99

* We charge a £19.99 inspection fee on PC repairs to identify the issue, which is then deducted from your total bill should you proceed with the repairs.

While we do our best to make sure everything you may need to know is on our website if you can't find what you need - or would just rather speak to a human - please call us on 02033024146

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